photo by @esfere



gina marte

my name is gina marte and i am an artist—an artist of many art forms. i am from lawrence, ma—a small, amazing city in massachusetts. i graduated from umass boston with a degree in english. currently i reside in los angeles, ca.

my art means everything to me. i’m telling stories of experiences i've been through and topics and ideas that i believe are important. everything i do means something—there's an intention with every move, every word, every shot, every little thing.

my purpose is to make people feel—to make people really feel something. when it’s through my movement, my words, my art, my eyes, my energy, my aura—i want people to feel something. something positive. something inspiring. something that gets them up in the morning. something that helps them sleep at night. something that keeps them going. my purpose is to spread my magic and help people see and feel the magic within themselves. we’re all magical. my purpose is to make a difference—with my art, my energy, my soul.